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We are Lydell NYC: a fashion jewelry design house, a confidence booster, and your go-to source for a fresh, fun style.

With roots in the heart of New York City, Lydell NYC has developed an ideal creative environment over the past 20 years that blends the area’s emerging trends with its concentration of fashion talent.

We’re inspired by the runways. We’re inspired by the sights and sounds of the streets. We’re inspired by you.

The Lydell NYC Mission

As a leading New York fashion jewelry design house, Lydell NYC has three main goals:

  • Help You Be You. We know that no two people are the same, and this drives us to create original jewelry that satisfies your unique style.
  • Set The Standard. Being the best starts with quality product, but also includes attention to detail, responsiveness to your needs, and a trendsetting attitude.
  • Inspire Change. What good is success if you can’t share it? Lydell NYC is focused on building stronger community relationships and empowering people everywhere, which has led to our participation in Project Glimmer, Fashion Fights Cancer, fundraising, and similar charitable works.

Lydell NYC is focused on helping the real you shine through.